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Kelly Markin on Bass
Kelly taught himself to play acoustic guitar at age 16, when he rescued an abandoned guitar from his neighbor’s trash.  Later, he learned to play bass with some friends at work, who together formed a band, Res Ipsa.  Influences include theBeatles, Steely Dan, the Eagles, Dire Straits, Funk Brothers, and Cream.  Over the years, he has played with the Herndon Town Square Singers, for special musical events at work, with the seven-piece Frontal Bluesotomy.   and The Idylwood Band.

Kelly Markin

Al Schwartz on Drums

Al began playing drums in the jr. high school band. In high school, he and Lee played their first gig at a PTA spaghetti dinner in 1974. He played with The Girth in the late 1980s and with The Liberators in the 1990s. Al then played with The Idylwood Band from the mid 1990s until it disbanded in 2008. Al's musical influences include Cream, Hendrix, Savoy Brown, and Van Morrison, among many others.

Al Schwartz

Lee Gordon Jones on Guitar

Lee got his first guitar for Christmas in 1965, after relentless begging of his parents for one since seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964. By jr.  high school, he was playing his favorites by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival. In high school, he teamed up with Al to add Steppenwolf, Cream, Hendrix, Kiss, CSNY, and Freddie King to the mix. Lee played guitar in The Girth in the late 1980s, and in the 1990s he held down the lead vocals and guitar for The Liberators. He played with The Idylwood Band for its entire 11-year run.

Lee Gordon Jones


Contact: Lee Gordon Jones, PO Box 231, Falls Church, VA 22040-0231, 703.309.0388

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Updated 11 January 2012


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